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A paranormal thriller
set in San Francisco during the hippie era

~ Who needs hallucinogenics? ~

marijuana leaf

hippie chick

Things are not what they seem in Chevron Hills.

  • Young Girls are Missing
  • Burial Grounds are Disrupted
  • Ghostly Occurrences are Happening
  • In the age of cosmic consciousness, is it all in the mind?

How well do you know the ’60s?

  • ’60S SLANG

Our image gallery includes the movers and shakers from the ’60s. From music to fashion to art to culture to politics, you can find matching images — and maybe some of your heroes. Choose from the Timelines drop-down in the menu.

Are you planning to read the novel in a book club? We have PDFs covering an assortment of questions that cover theme, character arcs, metaphysics, and social/political issues from the time period.

The novel is a fun read, but also provides a context for the cultural changes, both politically and socially, that occurred during the period. A superb extra credit assignment, with study materials provided.

hippie chick
Do you know this girl?
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