The Haunting…

~ Looking for a Fun, Breezy Read? ~

This novel has you covered.

A paranormal thriller set in ’60s San Francisco
during the hippie era.

Who Needs Hallucinogenics?

Things are not what they seem
in Chevron Hills.

  • Young girls are missing

  • Burial grounds are disrupted

  • And there appears to be a supernatural presence

  • There’s also Peace, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll.


Test Your Skills: How Well Do You Know the '60s?

Questions pertaining to
— rock songs
— slang
— commercials
— and more
 Find quizzes here.

All Points Bulletin!

hippie chick

Have you seen this girl?

Book Club Materials

Are you planning to read the novel in a book club? We have PDFs covering an assortment of questions that cover theme, character arcs, metaphysics, and social/political issues from the time period.

View the Gallery

Our image gallery includes the movers and shakers from the ’60s. From music to fashion to art to culture to politics, you can find matching images — and maybe some of your heroes. Enjoy!

High School Readers

The novel is a fun read, but also provides a context for the cultural changes, both politically and socially, that occurred during the period. A superb extra credit assignment, with study materials provided.

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