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Lindy King

Who Am I?

I’m starting my first novel late in life, but better late than never. For a long time I’ve wanted to write about the ’60s and the idea has slowly percolated in my brain like a stream of consciousness bad trip until a couple years ago when I decided to just do it — in between all my other activities.

I have an English/Journalism degree from UC Berkeley and my background includes a stint as a film journalist, a short somewhat thwarted period as a screenwriter, and later a relatively happy jaunt as a marketer.
I have one non-fiction book under my belt — How To Transfer to a UC from a California Community College, coming up on its 4th edition.

I am currently preparing my second novel (working title Rope’s End), a present day psychological thriller/neo-noir, along the lines of Girl on a Train.


How to Transfer to a UC From a CA Community College

I am an independent UC admissions consultant and help students transfer to the UCs. I offer one-on-one services, but truth be told, everything can be found for $6.99 in my extensively-researched and easy to navigate book. I also have options for international and out of state students. If you’re interested in purchasing the book it is on Amazon is on an iTunes.

My various services are listed on my website, CA College Transfer.

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