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Whiter Shade of Pale – most trippy song of the ’60s?

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I've always felt A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum is the song that most clearly defines everything the '60s represented. It's always been my go-to '60s song when someone asks me to pick a fave. (Supposedly, it was also one of John Lennon's favorites, for what it's worth.) It was released in May 1967 and eventually stayed at #1 for several weeks. In In 1977, it was a co-winner of The Brit Awards' Best British Pop Single 1952–1977, [...]

Share a Little Tea with Goldie

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One of the best things in the Smothers Brothers Hour in the late 1960s was the segment Share a Little Tea with Goldie starring Leigh French. I have searched and searched for some segments but they've just disappeared.  Sadly, the best I could come up with is a reunion video with a few vintage clips and a weather segment from 1968. If anyone can find some, could you please share in the comments? [...]

John Lennon on the Streets of NYC

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This is one of my favorite videos because it shows John's personality so well. I think it was edited with Mind Games after he passed away. People too young at the time or not born yet just don't realize how charismatic and legendary he was in life. I'm sure the throngs of people on the streets of NYC who saw him that day will never forget it.   Wha would he think of the world today? I miss [...]

The Monterey Pop Festival of 1967

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The Monterey Pop Festival has been immortalized in various songs, the most famous being Monterey by Eric Burden and the Animals.   The festival was supposed to be the first of a yearly ongoing event. Unfortunately, it became just a singular phenomenon in 1967. It took place over three days,  June 16 to June 18, 1967.  Crowds have been cited to be as high as 25,000, although this may not be accurate. The performance arena had a festival capacity [...]

The Rabbit Hole

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This site is now back to being functional since I am finally getting near the final draft of my first novel. I am going to say that while I'm a perfectionist and can be hard on myself, I'm generally feeling pretty darn good overall. I like the story, I like the characters, I like the setting, I like the end. Does this mean anyone else will like it?  Not really. I can only hope. If you were part [...]