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doo dah man, keep on truckin'
If your students don't know who the Doo-Dah Man is ^^^, then they don't know the '60s.

The novel is perfect extra credit for high schoolers looking to have a fun easy read, while learning how the repressive ’50s led to the culture and politics of the ’60s:

  • The Beatles
  • The beginnings of counter-culture and FM radio
  • Eastern religion and psychedelics
  • The Vietnam War
  • Multiple assassinations
  • Worldwide protests
  • The start of the food revolution and ecological sustainability
  • The rise of equality among marginalized groups
  • The walk on the moon

Entwined with the story of a paranormal event, readers get an in-the-moment view of 1967 from protagonists their own age, which helps put the period in perspective.

Teaching material will be provided as the book nears print. To get on an announcement list for a complementary copy, please contact me.

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