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Who Are You?

Since I'm planning to see The Who in a couple of weeks I decided to add some of their best moments. Here are three of them. Won't Get Fooled Again, which shows Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry in full energetic…

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The Monkees

Hey, Hey, We’re The Monkees

In the second chapter of my novel one of the characters switches the car radio to KYA where The Monkees Steppin’ Stone is playing. At the time The Monkees were considered a teenybopper manufactured band and was dismissed by the…

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Bob Dylan, Rolling Thunder Revue

Rolling Thunder Revue – Bob Dylan

My buddy in the virtual world, Bob Dylan, is the lead player in Martin Scorsese’s new movie Rolling Thunder Revue, now on Netflix. I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely enjoyable this movie is.  What I found most interesting is how animated Dylan is…

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John Lennon

John Lennon on the Streets of NYC

I’ve watched numerous videos on John Lennon and this is one of my favorites because it shows John’s personality so well. I think it was edited with Mind Games after he passed away. People too young at the time or not born…

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Hippies At Monterey Pop Festival

The Monterey Pop Festival of 1967

The Monterey Pop Festival has been immortalized in various songs, the most famous being Monterey by Eric Burden and the Animals.    The festival was supposed to be the first of a yearly ongoing event. Unfortunately, it became just a singular phenomenon…

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Alice In Wonderland

The Rabbit Hole

This site is now back to being functional since I am finally getting near the final draft of my first novel. I am going to say that while I’m a perfectionist and can be hard on myself, I’m generally feeling…

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